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About Peer to Peer

What is Peer to Peer?

Peer to Peer provides on-demand support for busy entrepreneurs and business owners where they benefit from business coaching and interaction with their peers. You'll find weekly live Office Hours, peer advising, shared stories, group masterminds, and skill-building tutorials all designed to bring you knowledge and insights for important business decision making and success.

Peer to Peer Sample Topics

While your business may be unique, many of the challenges you face as a business owner are shared by other business owners. Learn to address these challenges while receiving support and feedback from other Peer to Peer members.  Each month, we address real-world topics that are critical to your success including:

  • Cash flow
  • What to sell
  • Marketing strategy
  • Hiring employees
  • Delegating tasks
  • Time management
  • Self-doubt

“Advice that come[s] from an objective place and real-world experience." 

- Daryl Oh, Photographer and Social Entrepreneur

Peer to Peer Tutorials

Each month Belinda shares best practices on a business topic voted on by members of the community.  Events are hosted online using interactive tools to engage the audience.  

During our next class, How Not to Make a Hiring Mistake When It Comes to Hiring a Salesperson, Belinda will share three strategies to ensure you are confident and prepared to decide whether to hire a salesperson now or later. 

Peer to Peer Office Hours

Once a month, Belinda hosts a live event called Office hours.  During these events, member can ask their questions and get real-time feedback from Belinda and other members of the community. Replays are made available and tagged with a topic for those who can’t attend in person.

"Belinda demystified how business works."

- Olivia Ramsey, Founder and Executive Director, Smith Street Workshop

Peer to Peer Content

In addition to live classes and office hours, members have unlimited access to our curated video library with original and a knowledge base of business topics. 

"I'm positively impressed!"

- Nure Aiza, Founder and President, Toll International

Peer to Peer Network

Connecting with other business owners, your peers, is a defining feature of Peer to Peer. You’ll have opportunities to network and collaborate with other business owners and receive feedback on important issues affecting you.

Belinda DiGiambattista

Belinda DiGiambattista brings nearly 20 years of executive experience in business management, food services and the global financial sector to her position as Founder and CEO of Choose Your Metric.  Inspired by the business owners Belinda meets each day, she launched Choose Your Metric in the spring of 2016 to provide guidance, education, coaching and real-world experience to help owners achieve success as they define it. Her experience as a business owner combined with an equal amount of time in corporate America make her uniquely qualified to help businesses of any size make strategic decisions and focus their resources on their goals.

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